Rustic Ranch Wedding Inspiration

This week we bring you some beautiful photography to help you envision your dream California rustic wedding. This style of wedding has a natural, laid-back, comfortable vibe, yet is still refined and absolutely gorgeous. Set on a quiet ranch in San Luis Obispo, the palette of creams, cool blues, dusty pinks, and fresh greens pop against a neutral background.  Feast your eyes on this simple and elegant summer ceremony and reception!

All photos by Wild Whim Photography


Joelle of Dreamcatcher Artistry

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Get Glowing for Spring!

Everyone craves the just-left-my-facialist look, but we don’t always have perfect blemish-free skin or a natural glow happening. Here’s a few tricks to get glowing this spring, with a little help from some gorgeous products and really simple skin hacks.

Image by Natascha Lindemann, makeup by Christian Tesch

Image by Natascha Lindemann, makeup by Christian Tesch

If you’re new to the “dewy” look and scared of looking too glowy, add a drop or two of a skin oil into your foundation. It creates a subtle glow that includes no shimmer, if you’re going for a truly natural glow. A great skin oil that has so many benefits for your skin is W3ll People’s Bio Booster Facial Serum. They call it a serum but it’s definitely the texture of an oil and will leave you more moisturized than you’ve ever been!

At $28.99, it wont break the bank and is so beneficial for your skin!

At $28.99, it wont break the bank and is so beneficial for your skin!

If you’re looking for some shimmer and a step up in the glow department, try an illuminating liquid like 100% Pure’s All Over Glow. Wear alone for a bronzed beachy look, or add a pump into your foundation for a win-win of coverage and glow.

Great for body bronzing too!

Great for body bronzing too!

One of my favorite tricks from a facialist is to combine some baking soda with a little water to create a paste, forming an extremely gentle but highly effective face polish! I’m telling you, there’s no need to invest in any other facial scrubs except this. I keep a little jar of baking soda in the shower, and use it every few days to get rid of dead skin and reveal a fresh complexion with skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom. And that $2 price point is simply unbeatable!

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 7.48.41 PM.png

Always remember to foster the glow from within by drinking lots of pure, filtered, H2O and feeding your body natural unprocessed foods of many colors - leafy greens, blueberries, carrots, red fruits and veggies all work together to create a beautiful radiant complexion. If you can work a vegetable into every meal, you are winning. When making smoothies, pack them with blueberries (which are low in sugar and high in antioxidant rich pigment) and a cup or two of baby spinach, which I promise you can’t even taste! Try all of this, and I guarantee you’ll be a ray of dewy sunshine in no time :)


Joelle of Dreamcatcher Artistry

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Best Drugstore Beauty Finds

Sometimes you don’t have an extra $64 laying around for that fabulous Armani Luminous Silk foundation; you just need a product that’s affordable and WORKS! That’s where the drugstore is your best friend. Over the years, drugstore brands have gotten better and better- it’s surprising the quality makeup you can find for such accessible prices. Here are some tried and true drugstore best sellers, award winners, and favorites that will prove you don’t always need to spend a lot of money to get an awesome product.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 10.12.15 AM.png

First up, the Covergirl TruNaked eyeshadow palette. The softness, high pigmentation and supreme blendability of this shadow is kind of unbelievable for $9.99. The line of 8 palettes offers surprising and creative color combinations that will make you want to buy them all.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 11.11.21 AM.png
Above shade in  Peach Punch

Above shade in Peach Punch

Revlon PhotoReady perfecting foundation primer is a multi-tasker. Not only does it instantly mattify, it also reduces the appearance of pores and gives your skin an overall smoothness and even texture, making the perfect canvas for foundation. Truly on par with some $30 primers!

Such a deal at  Target

Such a deal at Target

Rimmel London 1000 Kisses Stay On Lip Liner. The wear is incredible, and at about $4 a pencil, you can have one in every color! They glide on smoothly and stay put for hours. One shade that I always have in my makeup kit is Spice.

Find it  Here

Find it Here

Loreal Lash Paradise is the best thing since Great Lash. I hope this mascara never goes away, and with the popularity it’s gaining I think it’ll be here to stay. It lifts, curls, lengthens, and basically doubles the look of your lashes. This mascara is for fans of a very full voluminous look, not clumpy, but a nice thick application. If you’ve tried Chanel’s Le Volume or Too Faced Better than Sex, this will give you a very similar if not identical result. This mascara is not for someone who likes to see every lash separated- if that’s you, stick to something like Lancome Definicils. Lash Paradise does not flake! I repeat, zero flakes, and it’s easy to wash off at night. What more can you ask for in a mascara??

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 11.41.12 AM.png

Next up, the Make Her Gel-Ous gel Eyeliner by Joah Beauty. SO waterproof!! Stay’s put in the water line and is soft enough to use with an eye liner brush to wing it out. This is a CVS exclusive brand. Available in 6 great shades for $7.99! I’m trying granite next.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 11.53.38 AM.png

In 2017, Burt’s Bee’s came out with an entire line of makeup! You won’t find the whole line at all stores, but it’s worth the search. The blush is great, I love Bare Peach, and I use Toasted Cinnamon as a bronzer- perfect for fair to medium skin tones. Also amazing, and an award winner with Allure is the Mattifying Powder Foundation which controls oil without killing  your radiance.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 10.22.13 AM.png

NYX - I suppose it’s debatable if this is truly a drugstore brand, but it’s certainly at a drugstore price point! Really almost everything they make is great, but if I’m choosing a few favorites, it’s the lip liners, The dewy finish setting spray, and the Soft Matte lip Cream, which is like a silky long wear without the drying effect.

The matte formula is great too!

The matte formula is great too!

And finally, foundations. According to Allure, the beauty bible, Maybelline’s SuperStay 24HR Full Coverage Foundation won the number one spot for their 2018 best full coverage foundation. If you’re looking for something a bit lighter and more glowy, the Maybelline New York Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation won’t do you wrong. Love that it comes in 40 shades! Also in Allure’s top five is the Physicians Formula Super CC Cream, which I haven’t tried yet but will be heading to Rite Aid today to pick one up. Happy shopping and happy saving, beauties!


Joelle of Dreamcatcher Artistry

14 Tips for a Stress-free Wedding Day

After being a part of hundreds of weddings, plus getting married myself, I have truly seen it all! Every bride envisions a flawless big day, but the truth is it takes a good amount of pre-planning to minimize stress and prepare yourself and your crew for a near perfect day. Here are my top tips and tricks, from a makeup artist’s perspective, to ensure a smooth, almost stress free day where you look and feel your most gorgeous!


  • 2 months out- try Rapid lash or another lash growth serum to maximize the length and fullness of your lashes! (unless you’ll have lash extensions.)

  • 1 month out- stop trying any new facial products! You don’t want to give your skin any excuses to freak out.

  • Drink a ton of water the week prior to your wedding, I’m talking at least a half gallon to a gallon daily. This will help the appearance of your skin to be plump, hydrated and clear.  And it will help you feel really good!

  • Moisturize your face nightly, and no matter what, wash your face and moisturize after your rehearsal dinner! If you can limit your drinking the night before, your skin and body will thank you on your wedding morning. Spend an hour before bed (or morning of) in a sheet mask that you’ve used before for supple silky smooth skin! This is my all-time favorite sheet mask, a little pricey but worth every penny.

  • Do designate a bridesmaid to be in charge of your touch-ups during the evening! Tell them to find you for touch-ups after the ceremony & after dinner, or whenever they see you might need some lipstick or a bobby pin. Let them know - and don’t feel bad about this - that they shouldn’t wait for you to ask for a touch up. Choose a detail oriented BM who will take initiative and come to you so that you have one less thing to worry about!

  • Try on your exact undergarments and shape wear with the dress after the final alteration to make sure everything looks the way you want it to and that nothing is showing that shouldn’t be showing!

  • Share the entire day-of schedule with bridesmaids a week or two before so they are in the know. Make sure this schedule includes Hair, makeup, photos, ceremony time, and where you need them to be for each part of the day.


  • Do go to the bathroom directly before putting on your dress.

  • Do ask bridesmaids to pop champagne far away from your dress and shoes. Don’t have dark colored beverages in the room, or snacks that can make a big mess like chips and salsa.

  • Do NOT touch your face once makeup is done. If you do, it will make it’s way from your hands to your dress!  Your makeup artist should set everything with powder and setting spray, but the dress is still white :) Also, not touching your face helps the makeup to last as long as possible!

  • Have a BM bring a hotel towel for you to sit on if you are getting into a car to get to your ceremony location. You don’t want to take any chances of sitting in something on a seat!


  • Delegate (the day before) to have someone figure out lunch delivery for you and whoever is getting ready with you so you aren’t scrambling to find something to eat while trying to get ready. You’ve heard it a MILLION times- but make sure you eat something before heading out!

  • Can’t stress this enough: leave extra time! Time FLIES like crazy on the wedding day. Encourage bridesmaids to be early for their hair and makeup appointments, (or just ask them all to arrive at the same time in the AM) so hair and makeup can start early on the next person whenever they can. In the schedule, leave at least a half hour at the end where everyone is finished and can help you with whatever you need.

  • For bridal makeup, I’ve found the sweet spot to be the second to last time slot. This way, your makeup is fresh, but you still have another hour or so for a hair touch-up, putting on your dress, jewelry, shoes, veil, any body makeup/shimmer that you might want, and get out the door un-rushed.

Once all this planning is done, you will be so happy that you’ve taken the steps to giving yourself a well thought out day so that you can relax, take it all in, and be that easy breezy, calm and happy bride we all hope to be!


Joelle of Dreamcatcher Artistry

A Clean Beauty Starter Guide

The Cat’s out of the bag. What you put on your face travels through your skin and into your bloodstream- and if what you’re putting on your face is toxic, it can cause hormonal issues, disease, possibly even cancer. Lucky for us makeup enthusiasts, there are new green beauty brands popping up daily. While there are plenty of options, sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin, especially when you’ve been using the same suggestively named Nars blush for the past ten years ;) If you want to clean up your beauty routine, here’s how to start.


To change your purchasing habits, you might need to change where you shop. As of now, most Ultas, Sephoras and department stores stock very few, if any natural makeup brands (sorry Tarte, I love you but you don’t count) But hallelujah, there are now beauty retailers like Credo Beauty and The Detox Market that stock ONLY clean brands!! They have very high standards and many glorious options fit for a professional makeup artist’s kit. Shop with them online if you aren’t near a big city. Or, shop online directly with brands. As a makeup artist, here are some non-toxic beauty brands I love, and my favorite product they make:

Another bonus of Green beauty brands- they often package sustainably too, all the more reason to love this organic bronzer.

Another bonus of Green beauty brands- they often package sustainably too, all the more reason to love this organic bronzer.

Now, I’ll admit that sometimes you just need a good waterproof mascara that won’t budge, and this isn’t something our natural beauty chemists have been able to conquer just yet. Until they do, it’s ok to use a conventional product! As long as you are aware of what’s in it-  just look for the top 10 dirty ingredients to avoid:

  • PARABENS -Petroleum based preservative found in everything. Disrupts hormones by mimicking estrogen, potentially linked to breast cancer

  • MINERAL OIL / PETROLEUM- even though mineral oil sounds natural, and it technically is, our bodies can NOT metabolize it, thus it stays in us forever. Can be found in our fat tissue and breast milk, linked to possible organ toxicity.

  • SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE/ PHTHALATES -The FDA allows companies to list “fragrance” as if it’s one ingredient, but it never is. This means there could be 30 other ingredients hiding behind that synthetic “fragrance” curtain. Phthalates are the #1 cause of dermatitis, also possible birth defects, breast cancer, diabetes

  • SULFATES/ SLS/ SLES- A highly drying and irritating foaming agent found in anything that suds

  • TALC -Can be laced with asbestos- since it’s not tested and there’s no way to know, it’s best to avoid

  • TRICLOSAN- Antibacterial agent that allows bacteria to become antibiotic resistant, endocrine disruptor

  • PROPYLENE GLYCOL- Petroleum derrived, helps a product (and all its ingredients) penetrate faster. Also used in anti freeze and brake fluid

  • BHA/BHT Synthetic preservatives, possible carcinogen and  endocrine disruptor

  • OXYBENZONE + OCTINOXATE- These extremely common synthetic chemical sunscreens can generate free radicals in the body, endocrine disrupting

  • ETHANOLAMINES (MEA/DEA/TEA)- ammonia compound that is another hormone disruptor, linked to inhibited fetal brain development

Once you are in the know, it can feel a bit overwhelming. But remember that this can be a gradual change- you don’t have to throw everything out today. As you finish a conventional product, make the switch to a clean one. For further education, check out EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic database. This site allows you to search popular products, which are individually scored from 1-10 on a “clean” to “dirty” scale, helping you make a quick and informed decision.  If you’re still skeptical that this whole thing is even an issue, head to and start reading :)  


Some good news regarding conventional beauty brands: they are slowly beginning to realize we DO care what goes into our products, and we’re seeing reformulations of products to remove some of the really bad stuff. Nars used to have three forms of Parabens in their blush (Methly, Propyl and butylparabens, all at the top of your do-not-use list) and now its paraben free. It’s still far from organic, but hey, it’s a start!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all of my green beauty research, it’s this: the only person who can regulate and care about what’s going into your body is you. Not the government, not the FDA, and not Sephora. We only get one body in this life, and it takes us on an amazing journey. Be kind to it! Here’s to being beautiful and healthy.


Joelle of Dreamcatcher Artistry

New Year's Eve Party Looks

nye collage .jpg

Whether you’re a makeup minimalist or die hard fan of glitter, New Year’s Eve is a great time to experiment and play with makeup. There are endless possibilities to choose from. You can go classic, with a bold red lip or more exotic with pops of glitter. To help you ring in the new year, we narrowed down the best beauty looks for you to try. Remember, there are no rules when it comes to New Years Eve makeup. Just have fun and let your creativity do the work!

  1. Glitter

glitter eyeshadow.jpg

One of the easiest ways to achieve NYE glam, is by adding some glitter into your current makeup look. No need to spend a ton of money on the most current eyeshadow palette from Sephora. Your local craft store will have tons of fun colors and shapes to choose from. Simply use your fingers to pat some glitter across your eyelids or you can swipe some glitter on the high points of your cheekbones, for some extra sparkle.

2. Red Lipstick

red lipstick.jpg

Red lipstick will instantly add a bit of elegance to your party look. You can go retro with a Hollywood red, bold with matte red stain, or subtle with a sheer tinted gloss. Whatever shade you choose, remember to reapply between sips of champagne.

3. Gem Colored Shadows

purple shadow.jpg

If glitter and red lipstick isn’t your thing, give bold eyeshadow a go. Think emerald green, violet, and sapphire. You can go for an all over wash or add a dash of color with strategically placed liner. Pro tip: For an extra festive look, place a dab of clear gloss over your eyeshadow. It will give you lids a glossy finish that is perfect for ringing in the New Year.

We hope this list inspires you to have fun with your New Year’s Eve makeup. Have fun and we’ll see you in 2019!

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Do this tonight, for better hair tomorrow


Our relationship with our hair can be quite a tricky one. Some days it looks great, but more often than not, we find ourselves frustrated with frizz, dryness, or breakage.

Here are a few quick tips and products that will have your hair looking better in no time!

Step 1: Use a wetbrush! The Wetbrush effortlessly brushes through wet or dry hair, without any harsh pulling. When your hair is wet, it is at its most vulnerable state. The Wetbrush gently loosens knots, so it won’t cause any breakage.


Step 2: Stop wrapping your hair in a bath towel! Instead, use a rapid dry towel. Regular bath towels rough up your cuticle which leads to frizz and breakage. The Aquis rapid dry towel absorbs water more quickly and it doesn’t cause any friction on the hair cuticle.

aquis 2.jpg

Step 3: Take your vitamins! Vitamins are great at promoting strength in your hair. We love these ones from HUM Nutrition. They are packed full of all natural supplements that promote hair growth, shine, and color protection.

All Images Via Google

All Images Via Google

Best Skincare with Pumpkin

image via Maximum FX Salons

image via Maximum FX Salons

Fall is finally here! We couldn’t be more excited for the cooler temperatures and all the fun beauty trends to try.

For most people fall means swapping your shimmering pink lip gloss for a matte berry lipstick, but it’s also a great time to switch up your skincare routine. What better way to transition into fall with some pumpkin infused skincare?

Pumpkin is a great source of enzymes that can help smooth out your skin by supporting your cell turnover. Pumpkin is also packed full of vitamin c and vitamin a. By incorporating some pumpkin into your skincare routine, you’'ll notice a huge improvement in the tone and texture of your skin. We hope you try out this fall trend and remember that pumpkin is great for pie and your face!

  1. Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask: This dual exfoliator mask contains both a physical and chemical exfoliant, for maximum resurfacing. The enzymes will help to removed dead skin build up so that serums and moisturizers can fully absorb into the surface your skin. The best part about this mask is that it smells just like pumpkin pie!

  2. If facial scrubs aren’t your thing, we recommend trying the Too Cool For School Pumpkin 24K Gold Sheet Mask. This mask contains all the benefits of pumpkin but is designed to hydrate your skin as well. If you’re more on the dry side, we highly recommend this decadent mask to plump up your skin and restore its natural glow.

too cool .jpg

Why You Should Be Rolling Your Face

Image via: 

Image via: 


By now, you've probably seen or heard about gemstone facial rollers.  These dual-ended facial massagers help to release facial tension, help with the absorption of oils and serums, and according to crystal healers have the ability to ward of stress and bad energy.  Whether you believe the claims or not, gemstone rollers are a fun beauty trend to try.

The first step to trying a facial roller is choosing your gemstone.  There are many different options to choose from.  We recommend trying jade or rose quartz.  If you opt for a jade roller,  you'll see a reduction in inflammation and water retention. This stone is known for its healing properties and is great for those with easily irritated skin. 

Image via: 

Image via: 

If rose quartz seems more like your style, you'll notice the smoothing out of your fine lines and wrinkles.  Rose quartz is known for reducing the signs of stress and promoting circulation.  

Image via: 

Image via: 

Gemstone rollers are super easy to use.  Simply apply your favorite oil or serum to your skin and roll upward along the contours of your face.  You can even chill your roller in the fridge, before you use it on your face.  The cooler temp will help to reduce puffiness.

Once your skincare is massaged in, you can complete the rest of your daily routine.

We hope you enjoyed this article.  Gemstone rollers can be found at Sephora, Amazon, or other online retailers.

Happy Rolling Friends!

Best Bronzers!

Image via: 

Image via: 

Besides your SPF, bronzed skin is summer's best accessory.  With so many formulations on the market, there's no need to expose your skin to the harmful rays of the sun.  A sweep of bronzer, across the high points of your face, can leave you looking like you just got back from a day at the beach.  We've rounded up a few of our favorites, below!

1. Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel

This pro makeup artist fave is perfect for achieving the most natural glow.  The creamy formula can be layered under or on top of makeup and gives you the most subtle hint of color.  We even like sweeping a bit onto our eyelids for a monochromatic look.

chanel bronzer.jpg


2.  If you're looking to add a bit more glam to your summer look, we love the Ambient Bronzers from Hourglass.  With three different shade options and a shimmery finish you can easily take your summer makeup from day to night.

Image via: I Heart Beauty    

Image via: I Heart Beauty 


3. If you're into a classic bronzer, check out Hoola from Benefit.  This bronzer has gained a cult following because of its versatility. Swipe over the high points of your face to enhance your tan or you can brush it into the hollows of your cheeks for a more contoured look.


If you're craving an all over glow, we recommend Terracotta Bronzing Mist from Guerlain.  With two shade options you can customize the intensity of your bronze.  The mist applies evenly to your face and body, so it makes it easier to reach areas like the back of your legs.  We also love that this spray has SPF of 10.


Why you need to be incorporating vitamin c into your skincare routine!

Vitamin C is a powerhouse ingredient, in many skincare products.  What’s not to love about this vitamin?  It brightens skin, reduces the signs on aging, and helps to restore glow back into your skin.

image via: google 

image via: google 


With so many skincare products on the market, it can be hard to find the perfect one for you.  Here are a few of our tried and true vitamin c skincare products. 


1.     For an instant glow, try adding Fresh’s Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask.  This mask is packed full of real crushed fruit including oranges, lemons, and clementines. The fruit acids combine together to help exfoliate dead skin cells, reveal and brighter looking skin, and smooth out texture.

image via: google 

image via: google 


2.     Our eyes are one of the first places that show how tired we are.  Perk up those peepers with a vitamin c infused eye cream.  The Drunk Elephant C-Tango Eye Cream helps to brighten your under-eye area while restoring firmness.  It’s perfect for layering under concealer, so your makeup won’t budge.

c tango 2.jpg


3.     For everyday sun-protection, we can’t get enough of Murad’s Essential –C Day Moisture.  This vitamin c based moisturize is great for everyday use.  Not only does it contain an SPF of 30, but it also contains tons of antioxidants that will protect skin from pollution and free radicals. 



4.     Lastyl, we are loving the Dr. Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Brighten & Firm Vitamin C Serum.  This serum will revive your tired looking skin and overtime help to reduce the signs of sun damage and aging.  The fast-absorbing gel formula makes it perfect for layering under makeup.


Festival Beauty

Image via:

Image via:

It’s official, festival season is finally here!  Time to bust out the rhinestones, glitter, and hair dye you’ve been packing away all winter.  Festivals are the perfect place to express your creativity and finally do some “outside the box” makeup. 


Just in case, you found yourself in an artistic rut, we’ve found some great brands to help inspire your best festival look. 


Remember to stay hydrated and there’s no such thing as too much glitter!


1.     Lemonhead Los Angeles

Image via: 

Image via: 


Lemonhead is unlike any other glitter you’ve tried before.  This self-adhering glitter won’t sweat off in the sun or transfer on your clothes.  With so many fun colors to choose from, you can create a multitude of looks.  The brand even makes a dry shampoo that contains flecks of glitter.  Perfect for when you want to look glam on the go.


2.      Milk Makeup Holographic Stick

Image via: Amazon 

Image via: Amazon 


The holographic stick from Milk is the perfect festival accessory. This multitasking highlighting stick allows you to add shimmer and shine to your eyes, lips, and cheeks.  The creamy formula is made from a blend of avocado and coconut oil, so it leaves your skin feeling super hydrated and never sticky.  We also love that Milk Makeup is completely free of parabens and its vegan!


3.     Kevyn Aucoin Molten Liquid Lipstick

Image via: Temptalia

Image via: Temptalia


This long-lasting formula comes in three finishes that add sparkle and voluminous definition to your lips.  We love that you can use alone for a subtler look or layer over a bold lipstick to add more impact to your lips. 



4.     Amika Dry Shampoo

Image via: 

Image via: 

Lastly, we have the Amika dry shampoo.  This talc free formula is great for soaking up excess oil and adding some much needed volume and texture to your hair.  We also love the packaging  and the fact that it comes in a smaller version for travel.  So whether you're glamping at the next big music festival or roughing it out in the woods, you'll have no excuse to not look good!




Best Buys At Sephora!


Spending our hard earned cash, at Sephora, might be one of our guiltiest pleasures.  We could certainly spend hours, roaming this perfectly curated selection of makeup, hair, and skincare products.  The huge selection of products, is one of the many reasons why we love Sephora, so much.  

If you've never shopped at Sephora, or get instantly overwhelmed by the selection, we've narrowed it down to our must have products.  We hope you make a visit soon and try out some of these items, for yourself. 

Happy Shopping!

 1. The Beauty Blender is number one on our list and for good reason.  This makeup sponge is crafted perfectly, for both foundation and concealer application.  Use the pointed tip, under the eyes to conceal any darkness.  The larger end, is perfect for applying full coverage formulas, that won't leave you with any streaking or cakey-ness.  Pro-tip: It's also a great way to apply cream blush and cream highlights to your cheeks and cheekbones!


2.  The Urban Decay Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette, is both a staple in our professional kits, as well as our personal ones.  We love that this compact comes with a blend of shimmery and matte shadows.  Use the matte black shadow, to take your look from the office, to afterwork cocktails.


3.  Sephora's own line of nail polish remover, is our personal favorite.  Instead of traditional remover, this moistened sponge effortlessly dissolves all traces of polish.  You won't have to waste time rubbing at your nails with cotton.  It's also free of harmful ingredients such as: parabens, pthalates, and sulfates.

polish .jpeg




Best Sunscreens


With the arrival of warmer weather, it's time we start getting more serious about sun protection.  Finding the right formula of sunscreen, can be tricky.  There are plenty of options on the market, from creams, sprays, and even powders.  One of our favorite lines of spf is, SUPERGOOP!  

We love SUPERGOOP for their incredible formulas, commitment to non-toxic ingredients, and great range of products.  We've hand selected a few of our faves, from the line.  We hope you get around to testing SUPERGOOP, for yourself!  

1. The City Sunscreen Serum tops our list because it's perfect for year round sun protection.  Remember, just because the sun isn't out, doesn't mean you shouldn't be wearing your spf.  We like to layer this serum under our day to day makeup.  It's lightweight but leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.

serum supergoop.png

2.  Don't forget to protect your lips, from the harmful summer rays!  We love that SUPERGOOP has developed a lip and cheek product that not only looks great but provides you with plenty protection from the sun.  The Perk Up Lip and Cheek Tint is great for all skin tones and is the perfect way to transition your beauty look from picnic at the beach to drinks at the pier.

perk up.png

3. Lastly, we are loving the Invincible Setting Powder!  This powder is great for setting your makeup or can be used throughout the day, to touch up.  It comes in four different shades and has a retractable brush head, for easy application.  Toss it in your beach bag or makeup bag and you'll be good to go.

* All images via 

* All images via 

Post Gym Beauty


Looking good post gym, can be a bit of a challenge.  It gets especially tricky, if you have to be at work and only have a few minutes to get ready.  Thankfully, we've put together a few of our favorite products that will have you looking office ready in no time.

1. No time for a shower, no worries.  Instead, use a few oil blotting papers, to absorb excess oils.  The Tatcha oil blotting papers are a must have in your gym bag.  They are formulated without parabens, sulfates, and pthalates. They'll prep the skin, so your face makeup will lay evenly.

tatcha .jpg


2. The It Cosmetics CC Cream is great if you're in a rush.  This full coverage cream is infused with serums and spf. No need to worry about packing extra products in your gym bag.

it cosmetics.jpg


3. Add a little color back into your lips and cheeks with the Benefit Benetint Lip and Cheek Stain.  This multitasking product can easily be dapped onto your lips and cheeks for a healthy looking flush. 

benetint .JPG


4. Lastly, give your roots a spritz with a dry shampoo. We recommend the Bumble and Bumble Pret-a Powder Dry Shampoo. This spray is formulated with pink clay to absorb any excess oils left over from your workout.  

bumble and bumble .jpg

Pastel Hair for Spring

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It may not feel like it, but the first signs of spring are in the air.  It’s staying lighter later, blossoms are blooming, and it’s getting a bit warmer!  For many makeup lovers, spring signifies a switch up in his or her makeup routine.  We begin to switch out our red lipsticks for pink, matte foundation for sheer, and we definitely need a bit of a tan.  But, here at Dreamcatcher Artistry, we are taking it one step further, and adding some fun spring colors to our hair.


Adding a few streaks of pastel to your hair, is a great way to welcome the new season.  You can go to your salon to have your hair lightened, or you can try out this fun trend at home.  More and more companies are releasing their own versions of at home pastel hair color.  We listed a few of favorites below. 


1. Manic Panic is a staple for many people looking to switch up their hair color.  They offer many different formulas and shades, so you have lots of options to choose from.  Bonus, this line is vegan! 

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2. You’re probably familiar with L’OREAL’s line of natural looking box color, but did you know they offer a range of pastel hair colors too?  This line is great because it’s semi-permanent so your color will rinse out with just a few shampoos.  It’s a great option if you’re not ready to commit to such a bold color.

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3. Lastly, we have Tinge Pastel conditioners.  These conditioners deposit a pastel hue to pre-lightened and bleached hair.  Leave it in for a few minutes while you’re in the shower, and you’ll be spring ready in just a few minutes!

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We hope you enjoy this trend as much as we do!



Mario Badescu Rosewater Spray

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The Mario Badescu Rosewater spray has been a staple amongst makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts, for years.  This cult-classic toner is amazing for prepping the skin, before you apply your makeup and can even be used to freshen up your face throughout the day.  The best part, it’s only $7.  No buyer’s remorse here.  We suggest keeping one bottle at your vanity, one in the car, and one in your purse to spritz, after a long day of work.


Here are a few of our favorite ways to use the spray.


1. After cleansing and before your moisturizer, spritz your face with the rosewater.  The spray will help to calm down any redness in your skin.  This means you won’t have to spend a lot of time concealing any trouble areas.


2.Makeup looking a little lackluster after a long day at the office?  Give your makeup a pick me up, by lightly misting your skin.  The spray will help to smooth out any cakey-ness from foundation and give you a dewey glow.

We can't get enough of this magical pink spray.  We hope you fall in love with it too!

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Biossance Skincare

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Looking to switch up your skincare routine?  Then look no further than Biossance.  This Northern California based skincare line creates products that protect and nourish your skin without the use of any harsh chemicals.  Not only do their products work exceptionally well, but- Biossance is committed to giving back.  All of the ingredients used to make their products are sustainably sourced and they never test on animals.  So, what do you have to lose?  Here are some of our favorite Biossance products below.

1. Squalane and Antioxidant Cleansing Oil

This antioxidant-rich cleanser gently removes makeup and impurities without stripping your skin.  It will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized.

This antioxidant-rich cleanser gently removes makeup and impurities without stripping your skin.  It will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized.


2. Squalane and Vitamin C Rose Oil

What's not to love about this oil?  It's the perfect way to add a bit of glow to your skin, as well as improve its texture and tone.  Try it alone or under makeup to get the most radiant skin.   

What's not to love about this oil?  It's the perfect way to add a bit of glow to your skin, as well as improve its texture and tone.  Try it alone or under makeup to get the most radiant skin.


3. Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel 

There's a reason why this eye gel is a best seller.  It packs a punch by reducing dark circles and puffiness all at once. Dap a small amount under your eyes and before your concealer.  You'll be looking fresh and awake all day.

There's a reason why this eye gel is a best seller.  It packs a punch by reducing dark circles and puffiness all at once. Dap a small amount under your eyes and before your concealer.  You'll be looking fresh and awake all day.

You can check out more Biossance products at !

Kristin Ess for Target


Target is great for many things including clothes, home décor, and even the boring stuff like toilet paper.  Did you know it could also be your greatest beauty destination?  Kristen Ess, celebrity hairdresser to the stars, recently launched her line of hair care products with Target.  If you’re not familiar with Kristin’s work, then you should be.  Her clients include Lucy Hale, Jenna Dewan Tatum, and Lauren Conrad. 


We have been loving the line.  The products are great for creating that cool girl texture and you can’t beat the prices.  Next time you’re in target, pick up a few of her products and see for yourself.  We included a few of our favorites below. 


1.     Dry Finish Working Texture Spray

dry working spray.jpeg


 We recommend curling your hair then spraying this throughout the roots and ends to give you     some supermodel texture.



2.     Weightless Shine Working Serum


kristin ess serum.jpeg



This serum is perfect for adding shine and dimension to your hair without making it look greasy.  Put it on second day hair to revive your style.



3.     Working Texture Loose Styling Powder




This powder is perfect for updos.  Tap a little bit on your hair to give some grip to your hair.  Your styles will definitely hold up through the entire night.

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