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Makeup Organization Hacks

Still storing all your makeup in a bottomless, foundation stained zippered cosmetic pouch? There are so many other ways to keep an orderly kit (for home and travel) so that your makeup stays clean and organized, and you save yourself the time and frustration of DIGGING through that ratty bag!

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Let’s dive in. First, I know those clear acrylic set of drawer systems have been extremely popular lately- and they look gorgeous for about one day, until you smear the plastic with oils and makeup, which is inevitable. Unless you want to devote time every few days to making each drawer see-thru again, I suggest a different method. it depends on your setup situation. Do you have a vanity? Only a few drawers in a shared bathroom? No matter what kind of space you have to store your makeup, you can make it pretty. My advice if you’re using drawers is not to let everything just hang loose in there. Drawer organizers are your BFF here! Find a few that fit together nicely and so you can have different sizes and categories of makeup in each one like brushes, lips, eyes, etc. If you’ve never done it like this, trust me, it is so gratifying to have everything neatly laid out so you can see each item and put it back exactly where it goes! Can you tell I’ve binged the entire season of Marie Kondo??

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Maybe you have zero bathroom drawers to spare - in which case you can always utilize any flat surface and stick your drawer organizers on top of it, neatly like above. Beware if you have cats who like to find small objects to bat around. A safer more enclosed option, and one that doubles for travel is the amazing Lippie Book, created by a makeup artist for artists and regular janes too. Even tough it’s called the “lippie'“ book, you can store anything in there. It’s a great tool for keeping brushes, mascara, eye pencils, tube concealers and other tube products.

Pictured here in the  medium size  which has 92 slots!

Pictured here in the medium size which has 92 slots!

Pictured here in the small, which is ideal for personal travel use!

Pictured here in the small, which is ideal for personal travel use!

You can also use an artist’s pencil roll or booklet like these, from an art store or Amazon. I have used the booklet form in my pro kit for years - it’s compact and keeps all my eye and lip pencils visible. Look for elastic that is larger than one pencil width so that you can fit other items besides just pencils. Or if you have a million pencils, this is perfect.

Found on  Amazon

Found on Amazon

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If you like to save packaging and purchase your powder products directly in the pan, an empty magnetic palette is an amazing organizational tool. As long as you’re using makeup housed in a metal pan, it will pop right in to one of these palettes. If you want to get crazy, you can learn how to pretty easily “de-pot” your makeup here to get rid of the packaging and get the makeup into pan form so that you can use the palette method. There are tons out there! to choose from! The Cozzette padded palette is one of my new favorites because the cover doesn’t stain with makeup and fall apart (like the Nars one) and it feels nicer to hold and is safer for the delicate powders inside than the metal Makeup Forever one. Many brands geared towards makeup artistry have them for sale online.

one of  MAC’ s pro palettes

one of MAC’s pro palettes

Now that you’re armed with knowledge, have some fun organizing, getting rid of makeup that your never wear, and cleaning up your makeup kit! Trust me, it makes it even more of a treat to sit down and do your makeup when you have a clean, beautiful workspace in front of you!


Joelle of Dreamcatcher Artistry