Temptu Home AIRbrush Makeup System Review

Hello followers!
I just had the pleasure working with Samantha Hutchinson with Could I Have That blog yesterday for some trade work. What did we trade you ask? Our Hair/Makeup services for her Brand new Temptu home AIRbrush Makeup System - which was in a goodie bag for some event she had attended recently. Can I say SCORE???

If your not familiar with this system, it was known for being sold at Sephora, and is bringing home airbrushing to the masses. I have been wanting to own one for a while now, but couldn't justify purchasing one myself since I already own two for work. However, I couldn't say no when Samantha offered it to me!! So I just started using the system and here are my current pros and cons of the system.

- Whats better then airbrushing at home on a daily basis?
- Each color of foundation, blush, highlighter & bronzer comes in individual pods, which makes changing colors a cinch.
- No cleanup involved.
- Foundation and colors seems to be that of the pro temptu foundations, which I am a big fan of!
- You use less makeup brushes (which means you don't have to wash them as often!)
- It feels good. This may not be a big deal to many, but if you've been airbrushed before you'll understand!

- A bit pricy for an at home purchase, not only the unit -$149, but each pod is around $45. Luckily the unit will last a very long time, and I believe each pod would last a while as well.
- Limited colors. They have a good array of foundations and blushes, but it would be great if they had some for eyeshadows as well.
- Once a pod is used up, you cannot refill it. I was watching some youtube videos on ways to do that, but its not easy. Technically once a pod is used up it is trash (kind of wasteful in my mind- hopefully they will work them into being easily refillable someday)
- The at home version can not be used (very well) with very many other professional airbrush guns. Since the Flex AIRhose is a push on type, not screw on, it makes it hard to use with other guns. Not a problem for at-home users, but one I thought I should include.
- It does take up a bit of space on your counter/vanity/cabinet etc. Kind of a pain for those of us with small homes!

Like I said, I am still very new to the system. So I am sure I will continue to find more pros and cons about it. But overall, a very well done system from Temptu!!