Bridal Hair and Makeup

2019 Wedding Hair Trends

Today we give you four of the most popular and gorge bridal hairstyles we’re seeing right now. The beauty of these is that you can make them your own and modify away to achieve a look you’re really comfortable with, that makes you feel like your most bridal and beautiful self!

Romantic Textured Pony

There is a reason Jlo lives in a pony- the style feels put together and laid back all at once. Great if you want your hair off the face, but aren’t quite ready to go for the full on “up-do”. Lower to middle placement on the back of the head is popular right now; higher placement on the head will make you look like a barbie princess in the best way possible. The key to making this pony wedding-worthy is to cover the elastic with hair and/or add a sparkly hair ornament.

see? perfect balance of polished and laid-back!

see? perfect balance of polished and laid-back!

The Low bun

At first mention of the low bun, you may think.. ok kinda boring, but think again! The low bun is such a versatile style because it can be very traditional, sleek and chic, or textured and modern looking. A center part looks current, volume and texture on top looks classic. You can really make it your own and be sure your hair will stay put all night long with this secure style! Looks beautiful and romantic with a few tendrils framing the face.

add a pearly hair ornament for a current yet timeless touch!

add a pearly hair ornament for a current yet timeless touch!

@tonyastylist  love the hair jewels!

@tonyastylist love the hair jewels!

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 4.54.53 PM.png

Twisted and Textured

In 2019 we are seeing a few less braids and a few more twists! Whether they’re part of an updo or a half-up half-down style, textured twists will make your style feel current.

Here’s the low bun again, but with fun twists added on each side  by Simeona Lanta

Here’s the low bun again, but with fun twists added on each side by Simeona Lanta

A braid that comes together in a twist by  Chaney Alexis

A braid that comes together in a twist by Chaney Alexis

lots of curled twists and texture! by  Chaney Alexis

lots of curled twists and texture! by Chaney Alexis

Romantic Waves

Again, romantic waves can come in so many different styles from a Hollywood glam type wave, to something looser and less structured, but not quite beachy. Either way, make sure you have the hair thickness and length to support this look (or you’ve added in those extensions). Romantic waves of any type will never look dated!

Hair by  Katie Lee , makeup by  Joelle

Hair by Katie Lee, makeup by Joelle

Hair by  Katie Lee

Hair by Katie Lee

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 5.15.43 PM.png


Joelle of Dreamcatcher Artistry

Santa Barbara Succulents

Some gorgeous photos from a 2015 wedding by our artists Adrieanna and Sahar! Love seeing our artists at work! Photographer: Brandon & Erica Photography

Flowers: Margaret Joan Florals

Getting Ready Location: Upham Hotel

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It's a jungle out there!

An amazing shoot with an amazing crew. And best of all, the ANIMALS!! Photography: Caroline Tran

Dress: Robin Kaplin

Faerie Chair name card holders, heart lockets: Michelle Van Fleet

Florist, Event Design, + Production : Tricia Fountaine Design

Hand blown glass stem ware: Saul Alcaraz

Location: Dos Pueblos Ranch

dos-pueblos-ranch-wedding-photo-16dos-pueblos-ranch-wedding-photo-06dos-pueblos-ranch-wedding-photo-05dos-pueblos-ranch-wedding-photo-10dos-pueblos-ranch-wedding-photo-15 dos-pueblos-ranch-wedding-photo-20 dos-pueblos-ranch-wedding-photo-21 dos-pueblos-ranch-wedding-photo-30

Flower Power!

A bridal inspired photoshoot we had the pleasure of working on a few years ago and I can't stop staring at them. I took so long to post because I couldn't choose! Thank you Jacqueline with Pilar Reflections for the amazing photos. Other amazing vendors involved:

Coordinators: True Blue Events/Wild Hearts Events

Flowers: Tenley Erin Young

Location: Santa Barbara Womens Club


Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 11.18.46 AM

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Nature and the Bride

Our bride Rebecca was a dream to work with! Married on May 18th 2013 at the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum, her and her now Husband Julio had a dream wedding on the gorgeous grounds of the Museum. Photographer: Fortuna Photography

308482_521751147861214_2090285833_n 969293_523818570987805_946281148_n

2012 Flashback Wedding

This beautiful bride Lauren, and her husband Andrew we're wed summer 2012 at a private home on the beach in Carpinteria. Lauren and her bridesmaids were a pleasure to work with, and we could not be more happy for the couple. We hope you two are enjoying married life! Photographer: Blake Andrews SLOtography

120902_Andrew + Lauren_228120902_Andrew + Lauren_065 120902_Andrew + Lauren_108 120902_Andrew + Lauren_285 120902_Andrew + Lauren_289