your wedding floral style

With so many floral options and styles for your wedding these days, where does a bride begin?! Here are a few visual inspirations and examples to help you hone in on the feeling you want with your flowers, so you can then choose a florist who will create that vibe and give you the bouquet of your dreams!

Soft colors, earthy blush tones with unexpected accents like these fluffy grasses make for a elegant feel while feeling modern, cool and boho chic:

Bold colors with some exotic blooms in a more traditional round bouquet shape work for a bride who wants to use fun colors and have an element of the unexpected without getting too crazy:

A bold, elongated composition/ shape and untraditional floral combinations makes for a show-stopping eclectic bouquet:

For a classic, fresh and understated feel, mostly whites and greens with a rounded shape- but not perfectly round - feels timeless but not outdated:

Or, all white done with smaller blooms and less blooms with an irregular structure is interesting, yet keeps the focus on the bride:

Whites and dusty blushes with one bold pop of color adds some fun without being super loud:

Big, fluffy blooms like peonies, dahlias, and garden roses in peaches and pinks feel ultra feminine and glamorous:

Hope this helps you brides to-be, and happy Bouquet-ing!


Joelle of Dreamcatcher Artistry