Summer Hair Inspo

With summer around the corner, it’s a great time to try out a new cut or style. Here’s some trending styles ranging from sophisticated to fun for summer 2019!

As opposed to what’s been trending in braids the last five or so years - the messy boho braids and deconstructed fishtails - this summer’s braids are sleek, tight and polished. Bonus, these types of braids take much less work and skill to create! Pro tip: braid your hair when it’s half wet and you wont have to use much product to get the sleek look, finish with a little hairspray or shine enhancing spray to set and gloss.

Getty Images,  Cushnie

Getty Images, Cushnie

The “wearable” wet look. This style is normally trickier than it looks to pull off, and doesn’t work for everyone, but this looser and kind of half wet look is easily achievable by doing a few combs through of a good gel or mousse. Great when you have less than five to spend on your hair.

Getty Images,  Chloe

Getty Images, Chloe

Getty Images,  Altuzarra

Getty Images, Altuzarra

The sleek and polished look: simple, pretty, sophisticated. Great for keeping hair out of the face when it’s hot and sticky outside.

Hairccessories!! keep it simple or camp it up with this fun summer trend. A silky scarf tied around your pony has been trendy this spring, and you can wear this right into summer as an unexpected way to tie together an outfit or accessorize a beach look.

Imaxtree, Dolce and Gabana

Imaxtree, Dolce and Gabana

Imaxtree,  Versace

Imaxtree, Versace

And lastly, how can we forget the most effortless of all summer looks, the beach wave! Or, what’s being referred to on the runway currently as “natural movement”. Still looks pretty beachy to me, but this is what actually what your hair would look like coming from the beach, not a curling iron.

Getty Images

Getty Images

Happy summer and here’s to many good hair days.


Joelle of Dreamcatcher Artistry